Increase Your Equity In This Slow Season

The two investments we should all be making right now.

Heck. I know what you’re saying. “What the hell are you talking about?” “Do you see what’s going on right now?” “Hello?”

Well, I’m not talking about financial gains. I’m not talking about money, when so many of us have been laid off, fired, seen our businesses and places of employment shuttered, and our 401Ks take massive hits. So many of us are now dipping into our savings or accessing survival funds from our credit cards, wondering how we will pay them off.

Although, if we have a few pennies to invest, now might be time. With the market as it is, and as history has shown, there will likely be an upward trend in stocks over the next few years. Exercising dollar-cost averaging and going into a long-term hold pattern, with due diligence and choosing our purchases and risk carefully, may be the way.

I’ll tell you what I’m talking about. Equity is the value of an asset after any attached liabilities have been subtracted. The greatest resources we possess are ourselves and our relationships. And, this slow season has given us all an investment opportunity that should not be ignored.

We cannot change this season of slow and stop or of winter in the springtime. But we can always improve ourselves. So, if we take the invaluable resources of time and self and invest them in two things — personal development and interpersonal betterment — we will see significant gains.

Personal Development

Most of us have an unstated list of things we don’t like about life and our selves and wishes for our futures. With so much boredom, and refrigerator and pantry visits already showing investment declines and waistline expansions, we can and must make different choices.

Take a class, read a book, make daily walking, or exercise a practice. Pick up and use that paintbrush, instrument, or journal that has been collecting dust. What about those knitting needles, or that bike leaned up and collecting cobwebs and rust somewhere?

Or has your mind has been telling you something about yourself that you have been putting on the back burner or conveniently ignoring?

Audible is a great friend to have right now, and books are so delicious on repeat, maybe even for the fifth or sixth time. Books can educate our minds and feed our souls first thing in the morning and just before bed. Literature can accompany us when we take our daily walks for waistline whittling. That’s a whole ton of learning time. And any good teacher will tell you that repetition promotes learning. Each time you dig in, you get new morsels, and old ones become tastier. Change comes with knowledge.

The tired excuse of “I don’t have time” is awash right now.

Relationship Betterment

No relationship is perfect. Any that we have can use some improvement. Going back to personal development, only you can decide what that improvement looks and feels like. Only you can determine the necessary changes and actions that will bring about those gains of heart.

Take a moment and think about — better still, write down — what that other person has been saying or not saying for the longest. If you care about him or her, then that list is your gold nugget. You just need to mine it.

Dig. Look at yourself honestly. What have you been doing? How have you been acting in your key relationships? What has your heart been harboring? How much have you been selfish and only focused on your wants and desires? Does the other person count? What is their value to you? What specific actions will allow you to convey that value? They should know, shouldn’t they, how important they are? Now, what are you going to do about all of this? What does your heart say? Do you have the time now to do these things? Write out the answers to these questions too. Seeing them on paper makes the exercise more purposeful, and your resulting action plan more concrete.

Do you have time now to do these things and implement your actionable relationship steps?

Ummm… Yes.

Betterment is the enhancement of real property value that comes about from local improvements. When we improve ourselves, our minds, and our hearts and our relationships, we increase the worth of those things that are already invaluable — ourselves and our meaningful relationships.

Because you see, the money will always come and go. But our personal legacies of character, influence, and care will outlast the rise and falls of the economy.

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