Good Morning, Hardships, Adversities, and Crises

Good morning, Hardships, Adversities, and Crises. I welcome you all. I’m so glad some of you arrived yesterday, and the rest of your contingent will continue to show up today, and tomorrow, and the day after that. I really am.

It’s good to have advanced notice that you are coming because I can better prepare for you. So, know that I am grateful for the heads-up. Now I can do what we all do when visitors are coming. Clean up, put out fresh linens, take out new toiletries, and provide good service — in my mind and heart, where welcoming and good service truly begin and manifest themselves fully.

There was a time I did not look forward to your arrival. Instead, I wished and willed you away. I thought I already had too much of you and all I wanted was a break.

You arrived anyway, because you cannot deny yourselves, and your mission. When you journey throughout the earth, you stop, irrespective of man, woman, or child. You arrive without fanfare, or you arrive piercing the air. Regardless of how you make your presence known, your goal is to reach us, teach us, and help us learn.

Your arrival is not the end of the journey, signaling something we have lost. No. Your arrival is the beginning, illuminating something or the other that we thought was ours in our minds but is not, or that we considered was out of reach but is attainable.

You come to show us divisions, negative perceptions, lack, gaps, and areas where humanity is absent. You come to show us what we must sacrifice and release so that we can attain true wealth. Not the bank account or bull stock market kind, but the riches of appreciation, perseverance, compassion, sacrifice, emotional and psychological strength, adaptability, and growth.

You come to give us the jewels of reduced hypersensitivity to the minutia, and deeper opportunities for joy and gratitude for living. And we surely need these opportunities to see better and be grateful for what we have in each day and in each other.

Whether you greet us calmly, slap us in the face, or barrel into us with 18-wheeler force, when we look inward we see. When we look inward, we can see.

And that break that I used to long for? I don’t long for it anymore. I can create better than that in my mind and heart. You see, when I open my doors and arms to you, when I provide good service and give you all the right attention, our relationship is mutually beneficial.

Actually… I get the better end of the deal.

So, welcome. My doors are open.

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In pursuit of simplicity and meaning. Writing sometimes about my journey. Mom of young adults with Cystic Fibrosis @AbundantBreath

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